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Ginninderry Joint Venture

Ginninderry Landfill Master Plan

A master plan providing an urban design framework to form a significant space for the community — providing recreation, movement, environmental and educational opportunities in Ginninderry.

Place Logic was part of a multidisciplinary design team that prepared a design for the 80 hectare West Belconnen landfill site. The landfill site is in the centre of Ginninderry and forms a key design consideration for the future outcome of the Master Planned community.

In order to design the open space, the design team needed to understand the site context, which led to consideration of the 2014 Ginninderry Master Plan. At the time the Master Plan was 5 years old and it was decided that it should be reviewed to optimise Urban Design principles for this 6-star Greenstar Communities project.

Place Logic undertook a first principles review of the planning framework to identify and recommend key high level design moves. The result was a revised design approach that combined a logical movement network with a response to amenity. Amenity on offer includes access to views and proximity to the river corridor, parkland, village centres, education offerings, active travel and convenient transport. The proposed design applied development density in direct response to the site to result in a plan that maximises amenity for as many residents as possible.

The proposed Master Plan provided an urban design framework to inform the design of the 80 hectare central park. The park would form a significant space for the community providing recreation, movement, environmental and educational opportunities.

Key design moves included increasing the number of commercial centres in place of a single centre; a public transit ring road providing access to movement networks and key connections; and development density that responds to access and amenity. The design ensures that every home in the community would have amenity appropriate to their typology. Large blocks are provided proximity to nature and views over the river corridor, without being distant from commercial and educational facilities. Higher density is more central to the site, ensuring connectivity and convenience, as well as access to the central park.

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