Amaroo School Courtyards

Three new courtyards with indigenous overlays of 'campsite', healing and regeneration.

Amaroo, ACT
ACT Education
Key services
Landscape Architecture
CK Architecture
Projex Building Group
Project type
Parks and Gardens

Three new courtyards were added to the Amaroo School campus as part of the 2021 Amaroo School Expansion Project. The design of the courtyards draw on interior architectural schemes by CK Architecture.

Themes include repeated circular forms, referencing the circular formation of a campire; with colours, materials and plant species evocative of the Australian bush, bushfire, and regeneration.

Predominantly natural materials including timber and sandstone have been adopted for furnishings — with grey and charcoal tones reflected in the paving, raised veggie gardens and pots.

Fixed furniture provides opportunities for pops of colour within the proposed colour scheme; orange and yellow tones referencing ochres or fire.

Photography: Place Logic