About Us

Place Logic is an independent urban design, planning and landscape architecture consultancy, united by a common goal to create exemplary design solutions and healthy, vibrant environments for now and future generations.

We deliver great design outcomes that add real value.

Place Logic was established in 2017 to bring a fresh and integrated design approach to landscape architecture, urban design, and planning projects in the ACT region and NSW.

Our team at Place Logic drive innovative design solutions, delivering places where humans and nature prosper. We do this by engaging fully with each project to ensure we deliver exceptional public and private realm design outcomes across our integrated fields of work.

As a business and with every project, Place Logic are passionate about reliably producing work that creates high quality outcomes.
We collaborate
We work together to build positive, engaging and productive relationships.
We are creative
We thrive on pursuing creative initiatives to foster, test and share new ideas.
We strive for excellence
We are dedicated to delivering high quality, professional design solutions for our clients and for the planet. We strive for the best possible outcomes and aim to leave a legacy that we can be proud of.
We are adaptable
We foster a culture of continuous learning and growth in response to our rapidly changing world. We position ourselves at the forefront of new technologies and best practice methods.
We design responsibly
We are committed to producing design solutions which result in positive social, environmental and economic outcomes to improve the well-being of our communities.

We collaborate, test and innovate to deliver exemplary design outcomes.

Our studio is...

an inclusive and relaxed space with plenty of greenery, fresh air, and natural light which encourages creativity and enables divergent perspectives to develop.

Our studio culture promotes shared learning and continued professional development, where our senior staff actively mentor our juniors and hold in-house workshops and tutorials to ensure skills are passed down and every project gets the attention it deserves.

Our positive working environment and encouragement for personal growth is reflected in the places we design.

Meet the team.

Our team are extensively skilled and practiced, and the benefits are shared. The combined skills of our team are applied to all work we do, and are gained from a wide range of projects, including local and international project experience.

We tailor optimised teams to each project, and approach design challenges as a multi-disciplinary team. Our range of skills ensure we've considered design problems from a range of perspectives to ensure potential is realised.

Brett Roantree

Director, Urban Designer & Planner
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Arden Jones

Associate, Senior Landscape Architect
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Charlotte Stewart

Senior Urban Designer & Planner
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Marcelo Diaz

Landscape Architect, Urban Designer
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Daniel Zacharewicz

Urban Designer
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David Carter

Urban Designer
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Suzie Gilbert

CAD Technician
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Hugh Swann

Student Landscape Architect
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