Our mission is to create design solutions and healthy, vibrant environments for now and future generations.

Place Logic was established in 2017 to bring a fresh and integrated design approach to urban design and landscape architecture projects in Canberra and across Australia.

We partner with clients to drive innovative and holistic design
solutions. We do this by challenging preconceptions and approaching problems from a range of perspectives to achieve exceptional design outcomes across our integrated fields of work.

Our mission is to create design solutions and healthy, vibrant environments for now and future generations.

Our team are extensively skilled and practiced, with a combination of local and regional expertise that enables us to effectively navigate the challenges and opportunities across projects big and small — from competition-winning biophilic courtyards to master plan refreshes for large communities of international significance.

Our integrated offering of both urban design and landscape architecture brings together the best of both disciplines to ensure success in delivering well-rounded, inclusive and human-centric design outcomes.

Our core values underpin our studio culture and approach to work. We value creativity, collaboration and integrity.

We collaborate
We work well with others based on strong communication to build positive and productive relationships.
We are creative
We think outside the box to generate, test and implement original ideas.
We design responsibly
We are committed to producing design solutions that result in positive social, environmental and economic outcomes to improve the well-being of our communities.
We target excellence
We are dedicated to delivering viable design solutions for our clients and for the planet. We strive for the best possible outcomes and aim to leave a proud legacy.
We are adaptable
We foster a culture of continuous learning and growth in response to our rapidly changing world. We embrace new technologies and best practice methods.

Our practice comprises an enthusiastic and interdisciplinary team of design professionals — bringing passion, creative expertise and a wealth of combined experience to all work that we do.

From competition-winning biophilic courtyards to communities of international significance, and more...

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