Lake Albert Manors

A residential estate that integrates with the rural residential character of Lake Albert and provides a high quality public realm.

Lake Albert, Wagga Wagga, NSW
2021 - 2022
Key services
Urban Design
Landscape Architecture
3D Visualisation
Project type
New Communities

Lake Albert Manors is a residential estate within one of the most sought-after pockets in Wagga Wagga. It has strong connections to Lake Albert nearby with its natural surroundings.

DevCore, behind some of New South Wales' most successful property development projects, engaged Place Logic to provide a range of services including master planning, urban design, landscape architecture and 3D visualisation services.

A master planning exercise was undertaken to create a functional and efficient subdivision of lots ranging from 1500–4000m². The design was crafted around the existing homes and their character while creating a quality residential estate of over 130 new lots with a quality public realm.

The landscape design intends to deliver a large-lot semi-rural character in its streetscapes. Drought tolerant, deciduous canopy trees in dryland grass are specified with generous tree allowances in the public realm.

Estate entries (shown in above visualisation) are characterised by natural materials such as dry-stacked stone walls and planting beds. Deciduous flowering trees continue the entry experience, leading into the development's main boulevard, which is lined with large canopy trees along a central avenue.

From the estate entries, a bike path linkd west to the Lake Albert cycle network providing access to recreation, schools and shops.

The 3D-generated images produced by our team served as the final project component, assisting the client in realising their vision and supporting the sales team in generating demand ahead of the first land release in late 2022.

3D Visualisation: Place Logic
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